如果今天要思考一種會讓人留下強烈印象的紙作為設計媒材,我首先會想到這張來自Arjowiggins帶有奇妙手感的Curious Matter。還記得,當初第一次看到Matter這張紙的時候,第一印象其實相當普通,「看起來像是適合製作包裝盒的厚磅卡紙?」我稍微帶點輕視的語氣這樣說著,但拿起它碰觸時,指尖瞬間湧入了許多關於“物質”的感覺,這是非常新奇且愉悅的感受!Curious Matter最大的特色在於表面有如礦物般的顆粒觸感,若由我自己的感受性來談論這一張紙的話,我會形容它比起貓舌頭還要光滑許多,但又包含著像是細砂紙般的細緻觸感,介於這兩者中間恰到好處的部分,就是Curious Matter這張紙帶來的印象。特別值得一提的是,這些特殊觸感的來源是藉由回收的馬鈴薯皮,經過乾燥與切碎之後結合外皮與切削後殘留的馬鈴薯近粉狀纖維,加入抄紙機進行製作。知道紙張裡面加了馬鈴薯纖維的我突然有一種“原來如此!”的感受,因為那種熟悉顆粒感的印象來源就是吃完馬鈴薯泥的湯匙上所殘留顆粒,只是以往大多是使用舌頭去碰觸與記憶。

代理商提供的Curious Matter樣本顯示,目前提供六個顏色的選擇,除了黑與白(Goya White / Black Truffle)外,另外兩個與馬鈴薯相近的中性色(Andina Grey / Ibizenca Sand)以及視覺感較強烈的(Adiron Blue / Desiree Red),都滿適合使用於一些希望使人留下深刻印象的設計主題,例如強調優質素材的有機商品包裝,或是想除了視覺以外感受性的展覽印刷品,應該都是清楚表達主題的優秀媒材。關於色彩表現的部分,上圖在CMYK的疊印部分可以看到顆粒狀的物質浮在油墨上頭,這表示了Curious Matter並不會因為油墨的疊印而造成表面觸感的損失,而在色彩表現上屬於比較中性的顯色,使用在人文題材或是灰階攝影方面的呈現會有相當不錯的效果。

使用Carl Zeiss makro-planar t* 2/50來進行微距攝影,可以看出上面兩張漸層印刷的效果相對會因為紙張表面的纖維所影響,這是Curious Matter特有的材質調性,但也因此在主題方面的呈現也需要多加考慮在印刷,以及其他後加工的最後呈現效果。接著是關於加工適應性的部分,表面使用了三種凸版進行加工處理,從上方較大範圍的三角圖形,接著是較高的“Curious”字樣,最後是略低的“Matter”,若放大圖片可以看得出來,以打凸加工來說對紙張的顆粒感並沒有什麼影響,通常具有紋路的紙在經過凸版壓製之後會折損其紋路的特性,甚至變回光滑狀,但這或許是多虧馬鈴薯纖維強韌的支撐性,除了比起其他紙款的相同磅數更硬挺以外,在紙張上施加外力的作業也能保留原有纖維的特性,所以在適應性良好的狀況下,能夠考慮是否需要更複雜的加工方式來配合設計主題,使媒材加工的限制變少了也是Curious Matter的優點。最後,由於在台灣相當少見使用特殊的媒材進行設計,可能一般受到成本限制或是在紙張方面的資訊較不普及,希望未來能在某個展覽、或是路邊發送的印刷品接受到“原來如此”的宣傳設計品;除了突破電腦作業中的圖形限制以外,也能透過紙張正確傳達設計者的感受性。

If you want to choose a type of paper that can give a deep impression to someone, first come to my mind is the paper with fantastic texture, Curious Matter by Arjowiggins. By the first time I saw it, the first impression is ordinary. “ It seems like another high GSM (grams per square meter) hard carton? ”But when I touch it, some kind of feeling of material burst out, that is special and fascinating! The feature of Curious Matter is the mineral grainy texture, in my words, it is much smoother than cat’s rough tongue but within a fine sandpaper-like surface.

Especially, this remarkable texture is from potato skin, dry and shred recycle potato skin with a bit powdery fibre. “ Ah-ha! ” It reminds me of a tactile sensation that mashed potato left on the spoon, this time not by tongue but fingers. By the samples, the paper agent provides, Curious Matter have six colours: Goya White, Black Truffle, two potato skin colours (Andina Grey and Ibizenca Sand), and two Exuberant colours (Adiron Blue and Desiree Red). It is suitable for eye-catching design, for example, the package of organic product or some exhibition prints. If you want to provide more than just visual impact, Curious Matter is the ideal material. By the color rendering, from the upper picture shows the overprint of CMYK, you could find granulated thing floating on ink, it means that Curious Matter will not lose surface texture after overprint process, also it brings out neutral colors, and these features make it easy to present subject like humanities, cultures and gray photography. By using macro photography, we could see gradient printing affected by the top-layer fibre. It should be considered during the whole printing process.

Then, on processing adaptability, from the upper picture, three kinds of topping be using on the surface. From the Highest triangle pattern, “Curious”, to the lowest “Matter”, we could find that it still maintained the texture after Toppan printing. Usually, these kinds of strong texture paper, during Toppan printing process, will lose their texture and even change back to the smooth status. Because of the strong bracing, Curious Matter could adapt more complicated processes.

At last, Maybe the cost constraints and information popularity make us rarely see this kind of material be using. Hope that in the future we could overcome the limits in computer graphic and let designers spread their feelings through the paper, by giving samples and sharing correct usages in exhibitions or somewhere.

  • 4/5 [價格指數 Price Level]
  • 7 [種顏色 Colors]
  • 4 [種厚度 Thickness]
  • 125~380 [基重範圍 gsm]